10 tranquil places for lockdown calm in the UK: readers’ tips

Gardens and graveyards, coasts and country parks all offer welcome respite from fear and sorrow, but our tipsters also found peace in our biggest cities

London is an amazing city, but loses some of its charm when you find yourself confined to your too-small flat. In the first lockdown I found myself strolling the streets of Wapping one morning in an attempt to stave off cabin fever. Near Shadwell Basin I dropped off the Thames path on to a tiny sandy patch of foreshore where I sat for a while listening to the river lap and break over the rocks and watching the water glinting in the early-morning light. If it hadn’t been for the offices of Canary Wharf on the skyline, I could have easily believed for a moment that I wasn’t in the middle of a city in the grip of a pandemic.

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