A Discovery of Witches series two review – vanilla vampire romp is a bloodless bore

Sky’s fantasy series promises a time-travelling war between good and evil, but this chaste second season reveals a show that’s lacking in magic

Dare you watch the second season of A Discovery of Witches on Sky One? It’s about witches, obviously, but also vampires and other monsters from the dark corners of the human psyche. There’s sex and death and fire and blood! It should be stirring stuff. But, er, it isn’t.

If you missed the original run, it began with Oxford academic and secret witch Diana Bishop causing concern in the vampire, witch and daemon communities by briefly opening a magic book in the Bodleian library, it having been mysteriously inaccessible for centuries. Various competing efforts to acquire the book’s wisdom led to a brooding cold war between good supernatural beings and evil ones, all of them finding new allies in rival species.

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