AK vs AK review – ingenious meta-feud of Bollywood heavyweights

Anurag Kashyap kidnaps the daughter of Anil Kapoor in a mock-doc thriller that skewers India’s showbiz scene

After an undistinguished pandemic year, Indian cinema closes out 2020 with a postmodern surprise, at once nifty and nasty. Shot under the radar, and announced mere days ago, Vikramaditya Motwane’s mock-doc proposes a seismic smackdown between two industry figureheads. In one corner, Anil Kapoor, cuddly patriarch of one of Bollywood’s most illustrious clans. In the other, Anurag Kashyap, film-maker and longtime critic of movie nepotism, going a fiendish extra mile here by kidnapping Anil’s daughter and giving dad 10 hours to find her. Kashyap, by orchestrating this round of meta hide-and-seek, intends to generate “the most dangerous hostage thriller in the history of cinema” – spoken like a true showman.

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