All the fret of the fringe: Annie Griffin’s cringe-filled trip to the Edinburgh festival

Our series on films about theatre continues with a boozy, darkly funny comedy that captures the event’s pick’n’mix quality

No matter how much you miss theatre, you still wouldn’t want to see Lakes Sister, an earnest one-woman show about Dorothy Wordsworth at the Edinburgh fringe. It’s one of several woeful productions we see in Annie Griffin’s 2005 film Festival, shot in the Scottish capital in August so the city’s background buzz is real, even if the acts are not.

Faith, played by Lyndsey Marshal, is barely off the National Express before she’s flyering. “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” she warbles, as punters push past on the Royal Mile and the bagpipes drone on. “William, the daffodils!” she later gasps on stage from beneath a bonnet. “See how they bend in the wind!”

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