Alys Fowler’s top edible garden plants of 2020

From parsley peas to tall top beetroot, these resilient seeds will bring joy to your garden and flavour to your table

Every new year, I make a list of things that stole my heart in the garden. In 2020, fresh greens meant more than just nutrition; they were something I could control, a way to show care to the Earth and those around me, and they reminded me I could be resilient in spite of it all. From favourite flavours to looks that pulled a scheme together, this is what thrived on my organic patch.

Cime di rapa is by no means a new variety: it’s been kicking around since 1885. But to watch its exuberance for life – there’s no faster-growing green in the dark days of early spring – is to welcome a new world into your garden. Plus, sautéed with garlic and chilli flakes, you’ve got yourself supper. Sow now till the end of spring (from

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