Andrea Dossena: ‘Not many players have scored at Anfield against Real Madrid’ | Will Unwin

Former Liverpool player on his goal against Spanish club before their latest clash, silencing Old Trafford and a managerial dream

There is a laugh, then a long pause as Andrea Dossena contemplates his answer. As a Liverpool player, in five glorious days, he took the roof off Anfield and silenced Old Trafford with the fourth goal in routs of Real Madrid and Manchester United, but deciding which was more enjoyable is tough.

“I think it is better to score at home in front of your supporters,” Dossena eventually says, looking back on those events of March 2009. “Obviously, the opposition supporters going home in silence is fantastic, too, especially as it was against Man U and everyone knows the rivalry between the two teams, but when you score you want to shout and see your supporters jumping. Not many players can say they have scored at Anfield for Liverpool in the Champions League against Real Madrid.”

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