Australia v India: second Test, day three – live!

11.47pm GMT

95th over: India 290-5 (Rahane 111, Jadeja 46) Cummins to Rahane, too straight as well, and Rahane hops and glances a single. Jadeja gets a ball angling into his pads, fuller, and he defends with soft hands, drawing an outside edge into the ground and away for four. Never any risk in that, he played it well. Then he plays a leg glance for one. India up and running this morning.

11.43pm GMT

94th over: India 284-5 (Rahane 110, Jadeja 41) Starc this morning hasn’t got the line yet. Right-hander and left-hander swapping over, and he keeps bowling at their legs, allowing then to work singles. Then he bowls wider and Rahane drives for two, that wasn’t a very safe shot though: it went along the ground but Rahane drove it on the up and reached for it well in front of his body. Any unexpected movement there and he would have been vulnerable. Hard hands would have created an edge that carried. Starc just gives a half shrug, as if to say that he has no problem with anyone playing that sort of shot.

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