Australia v India: second Test, day two – live!

  • Updates from the second day of play at the MCG
  • Start time in Melbourne is 10:30am
  • Any thoughts? Email or tweet @GeoffLemonSport

11.42pm GMT

13th over: India 40-1 (Gill 32, Pujara 7) Shubman Gill on strike for the first time this morning, and he has the challenge of facing Josh Hazlewood under cloudy skies. First ball indicates that JH will be a handful, some swing into the pads of the right-hander that strikes him, but going down leg. Second ball, in the channel and going away off the seam. Third ball, decking in, inside edge and dropped! A big deviation from the inside, Paine is wrong-footed behind the stumps, has to dive back to his left and gets his left palm to the ball but isn’t in position and can’t hang on. He curses as he flicks it back towards the stumps. Fourth ball, flicked through midwicket for four! Gill will punch and counterpunch, and as he gets a straighter ball on a fuller length he takes full toll. India get past that 36 mark. What a contest. Gill sees out the over.

11.37pm GMT

12th over: India 36-1 (Gill 28, Pujara 7) Cummins to start, and we go up to DRS with the first ball of the day! Perfect line from Cummins, has Pujara pushing forward, past the edge. Paine is convinced there’s a nick, his appeal is immediate. Cummins is less sure, same with the slips. But Paine goes upstairs on the evidence of his own ears. And he was right that there was a sound, but it happens to be the toe of the bat clipping Pujara’s pad. There’s a Hot Spot mark on the pad, and a slight burble on the soundwave graph, which a less experienced umpire would have given out. But Umpire Blocker Wilson up in the TV box says that it’s not a proper bat spike, and makes the correct call. As the standing umpire Bruce Oxenford had already done on the field. Drama to start.

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