Better days will come – despite what the Covid doom-mongers say | Imogen West-Knights

Some may think it cool to laugh at summer holiday dreams, but looking forward to ‘back to normal’ is healthy

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people are irritable at the moment. It’s the dead of winter, we’re in an indefinite national lockdown and it is possible to have gestated and birthed a whole human child since the last time anyone was legally allowed to go to a party. But even allowing for this, I have found myself surprisingly irritated by something lately, a thing that has become more popular in the present period of the pandemic: doom-mongering.

A significant number of people, including but not limited to influential voices on Twitter, have decided that there will be no “post-Covid” and that thinking we will ever return to a social life that looks like the one we left in March last year is laughable. If you mention that you’re looking forward to a summer holiday, a gig or a football game, they roll their eyes. Get real. The pandemic is here to stay and the old world is dead, idiot.

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