Boris Johnson can’t always rely on feuds to derail Scottish independence | Simon Jenkins

The row between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon won’t halt the nationalism that is rising across the union

Anglo-Scottish relations are heading for an almighty crash and Boris Johnson cannot look the other way. By the time he has finished in office, it is perfectly possible that Scotland will have gone the way of Ireland in 1922 and Northern Ireland will have voted itself back into the Dublin fold. The United Kingdom would be no more and it would emphatically be Johnson’s fault – because the trigger would have been Brexit.

Johnson must hope that, as before whenever England has been at odds with Scotland, Scotland self-destructs. Ever since the union of 1707, Scotland’s fiercest enemy has been internal faction. So this week Alex Salmond has reportedly threatened to reveal all in his feud with his fellow separatist Nicola Sturgeon over who said what, to whom and when in Salmond’s sexual harassment case. The internal strife seems to crescendo at the very moment when Scottish independence is visible on the horizon.

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