Carole Baskin: ‘Tiger King was pitched as a feud between two crazy people’

The big cat campaigner reflects on her TV of the year, starring in the reality show that lit up lockdown – and what she did next

Besides Tiger King, what was your favourite TV show of the year?
Dancing With the Stars has become my favourite show of 2020. I’d never seen it before they called and asked me to participate [Baskin was a contestant on the latest series of the US reality series in September]. Now that I’ve been part of the DWTS family, I just delight in seeing the stars, the pros, and the results of all the people behind the scenes in each new routine. I know how hard each of them worked to entertain us all during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and I love them for it.

Did you watch anything over lockdown that caught your attention?
I typically work seven days a week from about 7.30am until 7.30 or 8pm. At the end of the day, I may turn on the TV while I exercise, or while I collapse, cat-atonic, on the couch, but five minutes after turning off the TV, I couldn’t tell you what I just watched. I watch TV more for the distraction of the shows to slow the to-do list that is rolling over in my head.

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