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China-E.U. Talks Hit Another Snag, as Biden Camp Objects

Beijing and Brussels were on the brink of an agreement to roll back restrictions on investment. But the deal’s fate is uncertain amid growing animosity toward China and increasingly vocal opposition.

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Ezra F. Vogel, Eminent Scholar of China and Japan, Dies at 90

A longtime scholar at Harvard, Professor Vogel wrote books that helped shape how the world viewed the two ascendant economic powers.

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Economic Conditions and Trends Mexico City (Mexico) News Sheinbaum, Claudia Shutdowns (Institutional)

Mexico Misled Citizens About the Severity of Covid Outbreak in its Capital

The federal government had data that should have prompted an immediate lockdown in early December. Instead, it kept the city open for another two weeks.

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Citing Coal Shortages, China Rations Electricity for Millions

Warning of coal shortages, officials are trying to curb energy usage by telling residents not to use electric stoves and extinguishing lights on building facades and billboards.

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Trump Incentives for Signing Peace Accords With Israel Could Be at Risk

Diplomatic sweeteners for joining the Abraham Accords that were offered to Morocco, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates could be rejected by Congress or reversed by the incoming Biden administration.