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Israel barrels towards fourth election within two years

Failure of fractious coalition government to pass budget triggers snap election and plunges country into more political chaos

Israel has tumbled into a fourth round of elections within the space of two years after efforts to keep a fractious coalition government intact failed.

Beset by infighting and distrust, the government was unable to pass a budget by a midnight deadline on Tuesday (10pm GMT), triggering a snap election next March and lurching the country back into a protracted political crisis.

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EU foreign ministers pave way for revival of Iran nuclear deal

Step would allow Tehran to come back into compliance with deal, so long as US sanctions were lifted

EU foreign ministers have agreed not to set fresh preconditions on a revival of the Iran nuclear deal, believing Tehran and Washington should be able to come back into full compliance with the agreement without at this stage needing to accept to extend or strengthen it.

The step removes one of the potential roadblocks to Iran coming back into compliance with the existing deal, so long as the US lifts its sanctions and complies with UN resolutions.

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