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Who has Donald Trump just pardoned? A guide to the key figures

From figures in the Russia investigation to former Republican lawmakers, a look at who’s who in the latest round of pardons

Donald Trump has granted pardons to 15 people, a group that includes a former campaign aide, three former Republican lawmakers, a Dutch lawyer charged as part of the Russia investigation, and four former government contractors convicted of killing Iraqi civilians. He also commuted the sentences of five others.

Here is what you need to know about the key figures.

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New museums and Smokey Bear: what’s in the $900bn US stimulus package?

Tucked into a 5,593-page bill are a range of obscure provisions that appear to have little to do with fortifying a fragile economy

Late on Monday night, Congress approved a $900bn stimulus package which will deliver financial aid to millions of families and businesses facing economic distress from coronavirus pandemic. Though far smaller than a bill lawmakers passed at the outset of the pandemic, earlier this year, the measure is one the largest pieces of legislation in US history.

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Covid could shorten US life expectancy by up to three years, experts say

  • Covid-19 poised to become third leading cause of death in US
  • Virus cases pass 18m and deaths reach nearly 320,000
  • Coronavirus – live coverage

The US could see a decline of two to three years in life expectancy in 2020 due to the coronavirus, the steepest drop since the second world war with Covid-19 poised to become the third-leading cause of death in America, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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More immigrant women say they were abused by Ice gynecologist

More than 40 women submitted testimony claiming abuse, alleging they underwent invasive and unnecessary procedures

More women have joined an official legal petition alleging that they were medically abused by a gynecologist while in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) custody in a move that significantly expands a case that has shocked America.

The legal petition outlining these alleged abuses were filed in the Middle District of Georgia federal court late Monday night. More than 40 women have submitted written testimony attesting to claims of abuse, one attorney on their case said.

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Trump loyalists aim to block Biden’s goal to rejoin Iran and Paris agreements

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham urge Trump to submit Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate agreement to Senate to undercut future attempts to revive them

Two prominent Trump loyalists in the US Senate, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, are reportedly pressing the president to submit the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement to the chamber for ratification, in a last-minute attempt to scupper Democratic plans to take America back into the accords.

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