Channel 4’s nostalgia trip through the decades is close to TV heaven

The channel looks back on its output since the 80s, from high-quality TV to shows where someone gets their genitals out

If, like me, you were wondering how many more times we can remember Grand Designs, Brookside and early episodes of Big Brother, then does Channel 4 have a treat for you? Back to the 80s With Lenny Henry, Back to the 90s With Vic Reeves, Back to the 00s With Davina McCall and Back to the 10s With Jimmy Carr (Sunday to Wednesday, 9pm, Channel 4) is a series that tracks Britain through the various struggles we have been through (Thatcher, Iraq war, Britpop), as told through Channel 4’s often groundbreaking TV. On the one hand, yes: this first episode is talking heads remembering the 80s, again. But in among comedians still being baffled by the existence of Max Headroom 33 years on – Come on! It’s a man wearing makeup! – there’s something more interesting at play.

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