Christmas may be cancelled but sport on TV can save the day once again

There is even less to do than usual over the festive break so why not watch live sport and when that has finished a few decent sport documentaries?

In a year when solace has been in greater demand than multipacks of loo roll, thank goodness for televised sport. Once it began to creep its way back in the summer, and despite the struggles and setbacks since, being able to watch people run about competitively has provided a form of escape. Now, with the festive season upon us, an even greater weight has been placed on the shoulders of sport. Not only must it help us block out the rubbish going on in the world, it also has to do so for many more hours in the day. Fortunately there is no shortage of sporting action, both live and edited, for you to enjoy. Here are some of the best choices available via various apps and providers over the coming days.

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