Covid has decimated the live music business – and its unsung heroes | Michelle Kambasha

As a music publicist, I fear for those workers who kept the UK’s industry on the road and now face economic hardship

For the vast majority of people, gigs are – or perhaps, were – a simple pastime to be enjoyed, places where memories are made. But for me and others in my profession, it can feel a lot like work. Being a music publicist, gig-going is a requirement, and usually a welcome one, though it can create a disorderly work/life balance.

I’d be lying if I said that, at times, I haven’t had a deep sense of sadness when I’ve found out that the stage time for a gig I should be at is at 10pm and is on the other side of London from where I live. It may seem silly to people with “normal” jobs but we miss the simple pleasures. Sometimes I’d rather be curled up on a sofa cathartically crying to an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and making a fresh meal, rather than backstage at my fifth gig of the week, eating warm hummus and soggy cucumbers from the band’s rider as random people look me up and down, wondering why I’m here.

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