Derek Chauvin trial: senior police expected to testify over George Floyd death – live

Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo is likely to take the witness stand, in a rare occurrence in a trial of a police officer, serving or former

3.26pm BST

Testimony is beginning on Day Five of the full trial. Up on the stand, as a prosecution witness, is Minneapolis police sergeant Jon Curtis Edwards. Do tune in to our live stream.

Edwards is wearing a suit and tie.

3.25pm BST

The trial is entering its next phase. Most of the first four days were setting out, in devastating detail, what happened on May 25 last year when police were trying to arrest George Floyd and the encounter turned deadly.

The most powerful accounts were those of bystanders, ordinary members of the public, who did not expect that day to come across a tall man pinned to the ground by three police officers, one of whom, the man on trial now, Derek Chauvin, had him restrained by kneeling on his neck.

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