Donald Trump impeachment: Senate trial expected to vote to acquit today – live updates

Each legal team will have two hours to re-state their case before Senate likely votes to acquit Donald Trump

12.28pm GMT

You may recall that one person under pressure in the run-up to last November’s election was US postmaster general Louis DeJoy. A Trump appointee, he was accused of deliberately slowing down mail processing at the United States Postal Service (USPS) in an effort to make voting by mail less reliable. He’s still in the job, despite some people suggesting the Biden administration might have an early shake-up at the USPS. Late last night the Washington post reported on DeJoy’s plans for the still-struggling service:

DeJoy is preparing to put all first-class mail onto a single delivery track, a move that would mean slower and more costly delivery for both consumers and commercial mailers.

The postmaster general, with the backing of the agency’s bipartisan but Trump-appointed governing board, has discussed plans to eliminate a tier of first-class mail — letters, bills and other envelope-sized correspondence sent to a local address — designated for delivery in two days. Instead, all first-class mail would be lumped into the same three- to five-day window, the current benchmark for nonlocal mail.

12.13pm GMT

David Frum at the Atlantic has also had his say on Trump’s legal team, and it doesn’t make for a great review:

A few hours [after the trial session ended], van der Veen erupted in the well of the Senate about the day he was having. “We aren’t having fun here,” he said. “This is about the most miserable experience I’ve had down here in Washington, DC”

I watched this self-pity party from my own house, and I thought: How on earth could a former president of the United States possibly have hired a team of boobs this bad at law?

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