Dylan Dog: the hit London-set Italian horror comic unknown in the UK

The Italian detective’s horror comic book adventures have sold 60m copies worldwide. So why is he not well-known in his fictional home?

There is a breakfast cafe called Dylan Dog at 7 Craven Road, near Paddington station in west London. To most customers, it is simply another venue for coffee and eggs, wedged into a busy street among the area’s more elegant stucco-fronted terraces and squares.

But to Italians the address is no less magical than Harry Potter’s Platform 9 and 3/4, or Sherlock Holmes’s 221b Baker Street. For No 7 Craven Road is the home of Dylan Dog himself, a fictional investigator of the paranormal, the protagonist of an Italian horror comic book series with more than 60m copies sold worldwide. And yet perhaps Dylan Dog’s biggest uncracked mystery is that, to his neighbours in London, he is almost unknown.

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