‘Forget trends – do what makes you feel good’: how to style a happy home

From experimenting with colour to upping your houseplant game, here’s how to boost your home’s feelgood factor

Before Covid, designer and artist Luke Edward Hall’s idea of a perfect Saturday was rummaging through junk shops for anything that caught his magpie eye. Today, confined at home like the rest of us, he has developed a serious eBay and online auction habit. Recently, he bought a 1930s plaster crown, a slightly frayed royal commemorative banner depicting St George and the dragon, and added to his collection of Italian L’Uomo Vogue covers from the 90s.

This is about more than just consumption, however. “It’s such a joyful thing,” Hall says. “I’m drawn to playful objects, such as theatrical props.” A pair of outsize, decorative lyres from a fairground grace his blush pink spare bedroom. “Often, I just grab them and find a home for them afterwards. These things always cheer me up.”

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