From Chris Hemsworth’s mansion to the Wynne prize: Otis Hope Carey’s art of the ocean

He’s a professional surfer who twice won the Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles, but his artwork is riding equally big waves

Some people call him the rainbow lorikeet because he flies so high over the water. When Otis Hope Carey is surfing, when he is in the ocean, he is home. Coming down a wave, down those blue-green walls, he seems to dance. An important spiritual symbol of the Gumbaynggirr people, the ocean – called “gaagal” in that language – and the country around it is where Carey came from and where he will go.

His parents first brought him to the beach, at Coffs Harbour, when he was a week old. The pro surfer, painter and father, now 32, has never really left it.

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