From lime gravadlax to pulled lamb: Yotam Ottolenghi’s slow-cooked recipes

Dishes that take a long time but don’t require much of yours: lime-leaf-cured ‘gravadlax’, pulled lamb with orange and spices, and saffron and cardamom brioche cake

Time is doing two things at the moment, I find. On the one hand, we have much more of it: the time saved by not commuting, say, and by not going out; in fact, not doing anything at all, really. On the other hand, I often get to the end of a day at home and wonder where it’s gone. Beyond going through the motions of family life – cook, eat, teach, star jumps. Cook, eat, teach, star jumps. On repeat – I’m almost impressed by how little else I achieve. The way to deal with this contradiction, in the kitchen at least, is to embrace slow-cooking: things that take a long time to cook, but don’t require much of yours to do so.

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