From Russia with love: a couple design their dream house

This home on the edge of a forest near Moscow is a dacha with a difference

When husband-and-wife design duo Alexander Kozlov and Anastasia Blagodarnaya acquired a plot of land bordering a pine forest to the south of Moscow, she initially suggested they build a wooden house on it. “I said, ‘Never, never,’” recalls Kozlov. “When I’m in a traditional dacha, I don’t feel comfortable. I have the impression I’m going to be attacked by mosquitoes or something!”

He’s not much of a fan of nature either, in sharp contrast to Blagodarnaya, who cultivates a vegetable garden. “In the evenings, I go there to get herbs for the salad,” she says. She also loves wandering in the forest and hunting for mushrooms. “The surroundings are still very unspoilt, which is becoming more and more rare around Moscow. We don’t even have any paths in the forest.”

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