From Tupac to Dom Cummings: meet the cast of characters in Adam Curtis’s new series

Rappers, politicians, pigeons and Soviet punk rockers are all connected in the film-maker’s ambitious programme about power and paranoia

All power in the world works not just through force or by laws – but also by getting inside people’s heads and shaping how they see the world. This is true even in the modern age of individualism. The lives of these characters – all featured in my series Can’t Get You Out of My Head – show, in very different ways, what happened to power in the age of the individual. Some wanted to uproot the old forms of power; some wanted to release the inner power locked inside everyone; while others wanted to find new ways of managing the millions of new, self-directing individuals. But all of them found that power was still there, working inside their heads, often in very strange ways they had not expected …

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