Fulham draw but miss chance of more against weakened Southampton

If your glass is half full, Fulham have solidified to an extent that bodes well for the scrap ahead. For those feeling drained of festive cheer, Scott Parker’s side cannot afford to drop many more points when they catch their opponents on an off day like this. A fourth straight draw, and second goalless affair at Craven Cottage in 10 days, was fair and adds to the sense that their early-season defensive calamities are behind them; given victory against an under-strength Southampton side would have wrenched them out of the relegation zone, though, it was hard not to sense this was a missed chance.

In fairness, there were not too many of those during the afternoon. Football without supporters feels particularly bleak on Boxing Day, when the conviviality of the season is supposed to pulsate around the stands and spill into surrounding streets, and both teams could have used some extra buzz from the side. Neither could be faulted for endeavour and there was plenty to admire about their structures off the ball; none of that was enough to set pulses racing and the major frustration was felt by those in home colours.

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