Georgia polls begin closing in races that will determine control of Senate – live

12.28am GMT

According to AP VoteCast, a survey of Georgia voters, about three-quarters of those who supported Republican Senate candidates in tonight’s runoff races do not believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected in November. (He was.)

The AP has more details on the survey:

The poll of voters measured how deeply President Donald Trump’s false claims of fraud and misconduct have resonated with Republicans in the state.

Despite the courts, state officials and the Justice Department finding no evidence of widespread voter fraud, roughly 9 in 10 of the Republicans’ backers said they lacked confidence that votes in November’s presidential contest were accurately counted. Half say they have no confidence at all in the vote count. That’s roughly five times as many voters in November who said they had no confidence that votes would be counted accurately.

12.14am GMT

The first results are trickling in from Georgia, and while it is very hard to draw any broad conclusions from this tiny slice of the electorate, it’s worth noting that Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff received almost the exact same number of votes from this batch.

As the Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman points out, those numbers could signal that both seats will likely go to the same party tonight.

First precinct is from Burke Co. (rural outside of Augusta):

Warnock 534-189
Ossoff 536-187

Doesn’t tell us much b/c it’s tiny share of county’s vote, but tells us…don’t expect much divergence between these two races.

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