Gregg Wallace: Big Weekends Away review – TV’s shoutiest tour guide

The Masterchef presenter is at his loudmouth worst as he despoils the fine city of Barcelona in this noisy, cliche-ridden embarrassment of a programme

Billy Connolly once noted that whenever a politician opened his mouth, all he could think was “Why is this person lying to me?” I feel similarly about Gregg Wallace. Every time he opens his mouth – why is this man SHOUTING at me?

This time, in the opening episode of Gregg Wallace: Big Weekends Away (Channel 5), he is shouting at me from Barcelona. On a big weekend away. “FRIDAY,” booms a screen-filling explanatory caption. “I’ve ARRIVED,” Gregg explains as he gets out of a taxi, “in early afternoon! It means I can squeeeeeze as MUCH as possible out of out of my three days!” Gotcha.

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