Have you seen the price of sperm? It’s time to democratise fertility treatment | Arwa Mahdawi

My partner is pregnant and we’re thrilled – but getting there cost a small fortune. Access to IVF and other procedures must be widened

One big advantage of homosexuality? Built-in birth control. One big disadvantage of homosexuality? Built-in birth control. You can’t just casually start trying for a child when you’re in a same-sex couple, you’ve got to meticulously plan parenthood. Instead of getting off the pill, you start taking them.

You also start buying sperm. (Look up the price of sperm if you want a shock: it’s more bonkers than bitcoin.) And you start booking doctors’ visits. And getting blood tests. And ultrasounds. And trigger shots. And you go to the hospital and magic medicalised baby-making happens. And then you wait two weeks. And then you get your period and you have to do it all again.

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