‘He prioritised being a dad above everything’: Paul Smith, died aged 56, of Covid-19

A keen fan of Liverpool FC, he loved to go shopping and on days out with his daughter

Paul Smith was known as the quiet man. “He would go to work, come home, watch his football, have his tea and drink a few cans of Coors Light,” says his daughter, Megan Smith, 22. “That was his life.” She says: “I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. He prioritised being a dad above everything.” Paul would go clothes shopping with his daughter. They would go on days out together. “We enjoyed each other’s company,” Megan says.

Paul and Marie, Megan’s mum, would have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in September. “My mum always joked that when I came along, my dad and I ganged up against her,” says Megan. “Dad used to wind her up. He’d say: ‘When I get older, we’ll put your mum in a home and I’ll come and live with you.’”

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