Hope springs eternal, but for it to flourish it must be shared

The best way to help us all back into the light after this long dark year is to embrace a sense of community

Now, in the waning of this dark year, let us try to remember how to hope. A vaccine and a new US president are on the way. We have done enough of dreading, and even in these dreadful times our worst fears have not come true. The world did not collapse into anarchy. A global pandemic has not led to instant cannibalism – despite prior predictions from novelists and filmmakers. Even the worst leaders eventually topple. There are reasons for hope.

But real hope is something we have to make together, as a community. The hope an individual can have is only ever rather thin: perhaps I’ll get a better job, write my book, meet someone special. Nice ideas. On the small side. But the hope we can have as a group is profound.

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