How to be a morning person? I’d rather stay in bed | Eleanor Margolis

I’ve learned to accept that I’m more of a 3am playing Candy Crush while eating pickles from a jar kind of person

A search online for “how to become a morning person” provides a daunting amount of content. Books have been written on the subject, of course. There are articles for pages and pages, suggesting everything from working out first thing (yeah right), to supplements, to endless gadgets, “smart alarms” and probable quackery. There’s an entire industry dedicated to our neoliberal obsession with injecting productivity into every living second we have on this planet. An industry probably perpetuated by morning people, who get up a 5am every day and have meetings about new ways to profit off of spreading the word of Morning-ism.

As someone who aspires not to loathe mornings, I’m their exact target demographic. But the only thing that’s ever worked for me, when it comes to getting up, is pure willpower. Then again, that hasn’t made me a morning person exactly, just someone who (when pushed) gets up in the morning.

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