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Turn old sourdough into a luxurious dessert with this chocolate and banana bread pudding

Bread-and-butter pudding is the ultimate way to upcycle stale bread into a simple but luxurious dessert: the bread acts like a sponge, becoming as one with the custard while it bakes, and goes gooey and soft. I love it cold, straight from the fridge, in a greedy, doorstep-sized slab.

Even a traditional bread-and-butter pud, filled with plump sultanas and topped with a dusting of spicy nutmeg, is divine, but, with a little imagination, this pudding has almost unlimited potential. Instead of a traditional custard, today I’ve gone plant-based: blended brown bananas and omega 3-rich flax seeds provide an affordable egg substitute, while oat and soy replace dairy, creating a rich, velvety custard. I’m a chocolate fiend, so I’ve added chocolate chips and cocoa, too. Experiment with different types of bread (from brioche to cinnamon buns) and other ingredients from your pantry that need using up, such as dried or seasonal fruit, nuts and sweet spices.

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