How we met: ‘He said I was the nicest girl he’d ever seen – he looked so awkward!’

Alice, 51, and Ian, 55, Glass, met in a restaurant in Johannesburg in 1990. They live and work together on a farm near Kruger national park, South Africa

Alice Granville was in her final year of university in August 1990 when she met a friend for dinner. “Her husband was meant to join us with one of his friends, and he was going to be my blind date,” she says. However, the two men were late, so Alice and her friend continued to drink in the bar. Ian, who was out with friends enjoying the live music, spotted her from across the room. “She caught my eye and I smiled shyly,” he remembers. Alice and her friend gave up waiting for their dates and moved into the restaurant dining room. “I noticed she’d disappeared, and I had this really strong feeling of missed opportunity. My friends were completely unaware,” says Ian.

I was half looking at the menu, half wondering how I could meet her

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