How we met: ‘I actually used the word ding-dong to describe him’

Heather, 33, and Feargus, 34, met while they were working on a pantomime in 2007. They are still performers and live in Frome, Somerset

Heather Simmons was at university studying drama in December 2007 when she wrote to the Theatre Royal Bath to request a work placement. “I was offered the chance to help with a school pantomime project, working on mini productions of Aladdin. Before I started in the new year, they invited me to go and see the main show at Christmastime,” she remembers.

“I was told I would meet a man called Feargus, and I was expecting a much older guy with a wife and kids.” In reality, Feargus had only graduated the previous summer and had taken a job adapting the pantomime as a two-man play for local schools. “I thought Heather would be a work experience kid helping us with the shows,” he says. “That day, I rang one of my friends and told him I’d met the perfect girl,” he laughs.

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