Huddersfield’s Michael Lawrence hopes to inspire next generation of black players | Aaron Bower

‘I do see myself as someone young black players can hopefully look up to,’ says the 30-year-old, who aims to build links between rugby league and the Caribbean community in West Yorkshire

There is a sense of pride that fills the air every time Michael Lawrence speaks. Having represented his hometown club almost 300 times, the 30-year-old is familiar with the feeling of gratification that engulfs him whenever he steps on to the pitch for Huddersfield Giants. But more recently there is an extra element of motivation in everything Lawrence does.

Rugby league has made no secret of its desire to become a more culturally diverse and welcoming sport, and players such as Lawrence will be vital in that battle. Having recently become the sole black British captain in Super League, Lawrence is acutely aware of the extra responsibility that comes his way as a result and the importance of taking on such a prominent role.

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