‘I deserve a glass’ – and four other lies you should stop telling yourself about drinking

As stress rises, so does our alcohol consumption. Here’s how to change your relationship with drink for good

Almost half of Britons drank more during lockdown than they would normally. If you’re looking to change your relationship with alcohol, a good start is identifying (and challenging) the lies we tell ourselves about drinking.

Lie: a craft beer subscription is better than finishing a four-pack of Foster’s
It’s great to support small businesses, particularly after the year they’ve had, but this halo effect can negate the ABV in our minds. “A double IPA from a craft brewery could have double the alcohol of a mainstream lager,” says Andrew Misell, director for Wales at Alcohol Change UK. “All that matters in terms of alcohol and health is how strong the drink is, and how much of it you’re drinking.”

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