I got 11 parking fines after a mix-up over Zipcar rules

I owe more than £1,600 and cannot get the issue resolved with the car-sharing service

I started using the London-based car-sharing scheme Zipcar at the beginning of lockdown in March as a way to commute safely, and, initially, rated it highly to friends. Its Flex plan lets you pick up and drop off cars in allocated zones at the end of the trip. I noticed I was being charged for trips that were 12-14 hours long as the application’s “end trip” button didn’t register when I attempted to use it, unbeknown to me. After I got in touch, Zipcar was able to adjust the trips fairly easily.

Fast forward to November and I started receiving parking violation notices from three months previously – tickets related to the trips that did not end correctly. Eleven were sent, each amounting to £130 plus the £15 service charge (for each ticket), totalling more than £1,600.

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