I had outgrown bingeing and hangovers – so I decided to drink more often

When I became a father, I had to change my relationship with alcohol. But was giving up the only option?

A new year resolution to give up cake usually lasts just over a month – if I’m lucky – since February is when my birthday rolls round and it would be rude to refuse. Oh, go on then, just one more slice, if you insist. So, this year I tried something different.

In January, with a three-month-old absorbing every spare minute, bottles of kindly gifted booze stacking up and the idea of going to the pub a distant memory, I resolved to drink more often. Now, there were obvious dangers to the idea, but I thought it was time I learned to drink without getting drunk. I had previously had that very British attitude to booze, in that I tended to drink to excess, then regret it horribly in the morning.

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