‘I yowl like a leopard’: Guardian readers’ lockdown fitness tips

From exercising with animal noises to the thrills of a mini trampoline, readers share their secrets for staying healthy despite Covid restrictions

Keeping motivated while doing an online class is hard. When doing any exercise named after an animal, I find that making the sound of that animal makes the whole thing a lot more fun. For example: growl for bear crawls, yowl for leopard leaps, ribbit for frog-hop squat jumps, nibbling chatter for bunny hops, roaring for dragon crawls. I’ve also added a Mario-style “woo-hoo” for chest-to-floor burpees. In the gym, it would be hard to do this unless you don’t mind making a fool of yourself, but at home, with your mic on mute, no one knows. Iszi Lawrence, Reading

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