India v England: first Test, day five – live!

3.46pm GMT

Hello everyone, especially the most enthusiastic of you who have logged on well before play in the middle of the night – respect. You want to see nine wickets in a hurry. That makes sense – a quick game is a good game, and all that. However, you won’t need me to remind you what I witnessed with my own eyes at the Gabba a few weeks ago: this Indian team don’t know what quitting means. This is more Sydney than Brisbane, but a fifth-day job is a fifth-day job.

The main difference this time around is that Chennai is Chennai. The pitch, as Gary Naylor pointed out in his correspondence to the OBO yesterday, is a gorgeous tint of orange, in the best traditions of Tests played at this glorious ground. When the spinners get it right, as Ashwin did yesterday (and Leach too when dismissing Rohit with a beauty), the ball leaps and turns covered in a puff of dust of its own making. With men around the bat, the task to survive hour after hour in these conditions is as tough as Test cricket gets.

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