Is this the year I become a master chef and a superstar DJ? | Romesh Ranganathan

I might finally gain the respect of my family

I’m always conflicted about setting goals for the new year. True, it’s an arbitrary punctuation of time, and you can set goals whenever you want. But there is something to be said for the psychological fresh start that January brings, particularly when 2020 was so shit that, if it were a person, you would go up to it at a party and punch it in the face. Instead of having a go at you, everyone would applaud and form a queue so they, too, could punch it in the face. Then you’d find out it had given you all corona.

That’s why I, like many of us, have been thinking about how best to achieve happiness this year. Not even happiness. Contentment. One of the things I read about how to achieve this was the idea that being in the moment is one of the key things you can do. This is because most of our anxiety and misery comes from the way we process something rather than the thing itself.

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