It’s back to school for Boris Johnson, the man who refuses to learn | Marina Hyde

As we enter a third national lockdown, it’s clear the PM is repeating his own mistakes at a colossal cost to everyone else

Another series of breakneck U-turns from the government’s world-beating driverless car, as the things Boris Johnson said on Sunday turn out not to be true on Monday. Like wedding vows or the sort of nonsense one might insist in a newspaper column, I’m sure he means them when he says them. Johnson declared the moment “pivotal” – and he’s certainly pivoted. Again. Perhaps we should view the trait positively. In a country that has spent the past few years digging ever deeper into entrenched positions, Boris Johnson may be the last human capable of changing his mind. Unfortunately, not in a competent way. I can’t believe that honking “debate me, you coward!” at a virus hasn’t worked.

By now, of course, you know the latest facts, because you live in them. That’s really the problem with all this for the prime minister. It’s just possible that people are going to vaguely notice.

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