Joe Biden to hold first cabinet meeting as he pitches $2tn infrastructure plan – live

2.18pm BST

The fourth wave of coronavirus infections may have already arrived in the US, where case numbers are climbing in half of states.

Axios reports:

On average, roughly 63,000 Americans per day were diagnosed with coronavirus infections over the past week. That’s a 17% increase from the week before, and echoes the rising caseloads of the pandemic’s second wave last summer. …

Because so many seniors have been vaccinated — 73% have gotten at least one dose — this fourth wave is likely to be a lot less deadly than the previous ones.
Many states have also prioritized vaccinating people with underlying health conditions, which will also help constrain the increase in severe illness and death.

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2.07pm BST

The Guardian’s Kari Paul reports:

Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure bill will prioritize broadband expansion as a top goal, earmarking $100bn to bring affordable internet to “all Americans” by 2029.

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