King William’s College quiz: the answers

On Christmas Eve we published the Isle of Man school’s 116th annual, devilishly tricky general knowledge paper. If you haven’t finished by now, you probably never will. So how did you get on?

1 Pablo Picasso (Bathers Watching a Plane/Five Bathers)
2 SS Afrique (wrecked in Bay of Biscay with loss of 575 lives)
3 Charles Ponzi’s
4 Lyric theatre, Hammersmith (Gay, The Beggar’s Opera)
5 The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Agatha Christie’s first thriller)
6 The Unknown Warrior (Westminster Abbey, 11 November)
7 Warren G Harding’s (landslide victory in presidential election, the White House)
8 Black and Tans (ex-service personnel recruited to combat IRA)
9 Rupert Bear (first appearance in Daily Express on 8 November)
10 Colette (Chéri)

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