Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron: ‘Watching the show back is intense’

The reality contestants on their TV of 2020, and what it was really like to date 15 people at a time on the Netflix hit

What series kept you guys going during lockdown?
We watch The Umbrella Academy, of course. We watched Emily in Paris, too.
Lauren: I made him watch that.
Cameron: I got into it! I liked how you could predict what was about to happen next. The best discovery we made in lockdown was Raising Dion, which was a really good superhero show with a complex narrative. It wasn’t your standard superhero show or movie.
Lauren: We’ve been watching a lot of superhero shows and movies.

What series are you not allowed to watch without waiting for each other?
Anything that we watch together. Once we start watching a series together, it’s like: “You continued that without me? How dare you!” That’s almost like cheating, you know?
Cameron: A mild form of it. It’s a no go!
I’ve been watching a lot of Fresh Prince and [Martin Lawrence’s sitcom] Martin.
Cameron: You’ve been watching Martin without me?
Lauren: Yeah, babe!
Cameron: When?
Lauren: See? You done started an argument!
Cameron: I don’t know if I’ve been really rewatching any shows except for Love Is Blind. It’s intense every time; just a flood of memories and emotions.

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