Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for spiced beetroot with 60-minute injera | The new vegan

A quick version of the spongy-sour Ethiopian flatbread made with nutritious teff flour, ideal for dabbing into dips, sauces or this spiced beetroot

Injera is a fermented Ethiopian flatbread with a pleasing, sour flavour and a spongy, sauce-soaking texture. As with other fermented breads (such as sourdough and dosa), injera dough usually requires a starter culture, which can take days. Today’s recipe is the cheat’s version, soured with yeast and vinegar, which is still very satisfying to eat and make, but not quite the same as the original. Injera is usually eaten with misir wot, or spiced lentils, but this sweet spiced beetroot also works very well with the sourness of injera.

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