Mother review – a heartbreaking inquiry into the cost of dementia

Kristof Bilsen stunning doc assesses the disease’s toll on patients and carers trapped in the international care-market

Shakespeare’s line about “second childishness and mere oblivion” – the last of the seven ages of man bleakly proclaimed by Jacques in As You Like It – might come back to you watching this. But it doesn’t do justice to a very moving and profound documentary from director Kristof Bilsen and executive producer Kirsten Johnson (Dick Johnson Is Dead) about dementia, dementia care, the globalised market in compassion and what society deems to be woman’s work.

My colleague Charlie Phillips enthused about this film in 2019 and I can only agree. It is a deeply affecting portrait of what it means to be a professional caregiver; and what it means for both patient and nurse to be separated from their families by fate, biology and market forces.

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