My sommelier friend was furloughed; but volunteering has proved his skills are transferable

His success as a hospital maitre d’ is a reminder that we all have something to offer

I have always found it gratifying that one of my friends, Jack, is a sommelier. Probably because I have not updated any of my references for “sophistication” since 1999, after watching a Frasier box set while off sick from school. Their life in the penthouse with the ice-maker was so “other” to mine – in the terrace, with the gas meter – and at 11, I missed the satire.

Thus, I still think of things such as wine as chic. (It’s also fun when Jack talks to me as an equal and I nod along, thinking in puns. Any musing on supply chains and climate, and I say, “Yes, quite!” while sniggering a private joke to myself, I guess it’ll be dealt with case by case.)

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