Nigel Slater’s recipes for festive leftovers: soup and panettone custard

When it comes to Christmas pickings, there are no rules…

This is the fridge’s finest hour. A bowl of cranberry sauce full to the brim; shards of cold roast goose, turkey perhaps; some cold roast potatoes, craggy and golden, and, joy of joys, a saucer of cold pigs-in-blankets. There is bread sauce in a gravy boat, a piece of cold salmon, brandy butter and even a jug of Marsala-laced gravy. Treats beyond measure.

There is nothing, simply nothing, I like doing in the kitchen more than picking at leftovers. Those bowls with saucers for lids, keeping the buried treasure safe until we are ready to eat. A ready-made breakfast, a midnight treat, bounty to pick at for the quiet days that follow the feast.

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